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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a PIN to log into my client account and project management dashboard?

  • Your client PIN is issued to you upon commencement of our services relating to your respective project. It is located in the upper right hand corner of the Client Orientation and Project Inititaion Agreement you will receive via email at service launch.

Can I view and pay my billing invoice for services online and can I pay in installments?

  • Yes. After logging into your client account and project management dashboard simply select the Service Invoice option. If we are working on more than one project for you, be sure to select from the pull down menu which you are interested in viewing. If you would like to submit payment for services rendered online, you may do so on your invoice with any debit or major credit card. We are more than happy to accept installment payments from our clients as would be arranged and approved at the time of project commencement. If installments were not previously agreed upon and something unforeseen arises for you, contact us and we'll do our best to work out a plan to help ease your change in circumstances. Thank you.

Do you have a price sheet outlining project costs for review and selection?

  • No. Every project is unique in scope, budget, time, expectation, need, and vision. Because of this, it is not possible to have a standard rate sheet encompassing the range of services we provide. Project quotes and costs are determined on a per client basis taking into account all the specific factors relating to an individual project. Depending, costs will either be billed hourly, per project completion, or for larger projects likely deducted from a retainer provided us at commencement of service.

If I hire you to write all the lyrics for my songs and they do well do I have to pay more or need to worry about royalties and do you appear on-site during recording sessions to handle edits or rewrites?

  • The majority of lyricist services are covered under a standard "made-for-hire" contract. This means you will be the automatic owner of the copyright and we waive all royalty interest in your project. You may choose to credit us with an attribute or not. On-site or in-studio work is possible but will be billed additionally to include travel time, expenses, and on-demand service availability. In most cases, video conferencing suffices during these situations so therefore we recommend spared expense by utilizing Web-Ex, Skype, or other forms of virtual online meeting for any changes needed.

I have a great story idea but don't think I can manage writing an entire book. How do I hire you to ghostwrite my novel for me and how much input do I need to have in the process?

  • Exciting! Don't sell yourself short on giving it a go for yourself... at least a first draft! You might discover a wonderful talent for writing and storytelling has been hiding inside you all along! If you do feel you need help, visit the Contact Us page and drop us a line with the details of your project idea and request a virtual online meeting to discuss it. If we take on your project, we can take your base idea from development to completed novel... or we can work more collaboratively with you throughout. You can have as little or as much input in the process as you'd like! Service cost will vary depending on how you would like to proceed.

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