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Anna Kavanaugh is an American writer from the state of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest where she was raised and still currently resides. It is here she is surrounded by the wildlife and natural tranquility she loves. She is the President/CEO of Living Eden Media, LLC and also Founder/Director of The Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation. Her work has achieved recognition for its challenge to contemporary idealogies through intrepid storylines that draw debate. Noted for her experimentally driven fiction, meticulous dedication to research, and the hybridization of genre, she is described as a bold and unique force in provocative storytelling through innovative and magnetic prose. In the early years of her career, fans affectionately coined the phrase "The Kavanaugh Klinch" as a commonly understood terminology when reading and discussing her novels.


She retired from novel writing in 2008 to focus more on pursuing philanthropic work along with other creative endeavors and areas of academic research. Anna has so far authored six novels, namely, The Cord of Callows, (the original version pre-trilogy), The Bridemaker's Son, Beneath The Paper Truss, Absolution's Child, Dea'Jamerias, and Multnomah: Story of a Maiden. In addition to her own work as a novelist, she has been in demand as a ghostwriter for other established authors and autobiographers, this being work from which she personally derives much fulfillment. She resurfaced from retirement in 2011 when commissioned to pen the expanded trilogy series for The Cord of Callows, divided namely in book volumes Provenance, CREED, and Covenant. Since then, she has also branched into visual storytelling and journalism. 

Her writing has inspired much interest in her original novel, "The Cord of Callows," whose film rights are currently held under option and contracted to become an expanded trilogy series. An accompanying documentary also warns consumers of the potential human health hazards in genetically modified foods and presents ethical, moral, and spiritual questions about its use and political practice. This weaves together the fictional elements of the story with contemporary facts involving genetic engineering, the biotech industry, human health, and our evolutionary process.

Anna is a public speaker, human rights advocate, and activist. Her charitable foundation focuses on relief for victims of Virtual Violent Crime in various forms of cyber-abuse and provides suicide intervention services. It also works to promote education and awareness on the issues of genetic modification and adoptee rights. She is recognized as a world anti cyber-abuse expert and is featured as such in the ambitious Global Forums platform for Friend Our World and Friendly Schools, a collaboration of Microsoft, Peace One Day and Skoolbo. She is now seated as a voting member on the Board of Advisors for The Global Institute for Cyber Safety and Standards (GICSS) and is a lead team member on their Coalition Committee. Additionally, Anna serves as a Senior Mentor and Co-Executive Director of Development in their education program. 

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Anna Kavanaugh