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Two brothers, William and Percy, set sail across the Pacific in search of evidence that the island of Dea’ Jamerias really exists. Mythology calls it “Place of the Forgotten.” Uncertain of its authenticity, the brothers embark on their quest with only the chronicles of a legend to guide them.

After enduring the fierce rage of a relentless storm that cripples and sinks their ship, the brothers find themselves struggling in the frigid waters of the North Pacific. The story takes a sudden turn for the worse when another vessel appears, bringing with them not help, but pernicious company.

The brothers fight to defend their lives as Percy is ripped from the water and forced aboard the savage vessel where he is bound and ruthlessly beaten. William is left adrift to die while Percy is taken to an island that he later discovers to be Dea’ Jamerias, after being sold as a slave hunter to Saber Point.

There, he begins to question and, through his quest for answers, learns the nefarious nature of the island’s origin. William has drowned but is somehow spared by a benevolent and arcane people who know the secrets of the forgotten place. Not knowing the fate of the other, he and brother Percy must now find a way to save one another and forewarn the world of what will come.


a novel by Anna Kavanaugh

Title: Dea'Jamerias

ISBN 1-933621-17-6ISBN13 978-1-933621-17-3

Author: Anna Kavanaugh

Published by: CallahanCroft Publishing

Latest Publication: 08-09 pp 347

Copyright Origin: USA

Circulation Region: United States and Canada

Bowker Status: Trade Paper Retired - Trade Cloth Retired Binding: Trade Cloth/Trade Paper


Additional Releases: Inclusive within The Anna Kavanaugh Collection - Boxed Set Collector Editions - The Six Novel Series (ISBN 1-933621-03-6/ISBN13 978-1-933621-03-6


Most recent issue: Second printing Sales information: This title has been retired with exception. Should additional printings of this work become available, they will be exclusively released within The Anna Kavanaugh Collection - Boxed Set Collector Editions - The Six Novel Series

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