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The Cord of Callows

the original novel

It is the seventh generation from the onset of genetically altered organics and they bear the ramifications of the time following the polar flux… from desperation a turn to greed. An insidious and compounding crisis reveals itself within the sealed walls of the Geneto-Hazard Centers and its patients. With time a formidable enemy, one last chance remains to find salvation.

The Executive Commission of Regeneration Sciences & Survival has initiated the Credence Missions, the launch of twelve seeker probes in what some believe is a futile search for an uncharted System bearing compatible organics. All probes are lost, as is hope, until Credence 7 makes a startling reappearance…transmitting panacean data from what are impossible coordinates. A reluctant and misled search crew is assembled and sent to retrieve the last probe, but fail. Alteration extinction will now be the final chapter of man.

With no sign of the probe at its last known coordinates, the crew is suddenly thrust into unconsciousness but inexplicably awaken to the pristine and magnified wonders of an earth-like world. They meet Gudren, a peculiar and mysterious figure who seems intent on imparting wisdom and offering the crew solace. This seems contradictory to the distortion of reality they experience in this world. Suspecting it to be there, they focus on the whereabouts of the missing probe and attempt to negotiate a harvest of organics, but are refused by one called the Guardian.

This provokes an irony of consequence for humankind that reaches beyond physical death. The final sequence of events leaves the story with a paradoxical and dumbfounding reality.

Title: The Cord of Callows (the original novel)


ISBN 1-933621-34-6ISBN13 978-1-933621-34-0 

Author: Anna Kavanaugh

Published by: CallahanCroft Publishing

Latest Publication: 08-09 pp 527 - Copyright Origin: USA

Circulation Region: United States and Canada

Prospective Release Worldwide: N/A

Bowker Status: Inactive/Title Revised For Inclusion In Trilogy Series/Title Held Under Film Rights Option Contract

Binding: Trade Cloth/Trade Paper - Format: Unabridged.

Preceded in publication by discontinued version abridgement pp 344 Additional Releases: Inclusive within The Anna Kavanaugh Collection - Boxed Set Collector Editions - The Six Novel Series (ISBN 1-933621-03-6/ISBN13 978-1-933621-03-6

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