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Detective Denny Hensworth is a man known for his strength…and its inevitable hand in his downfall. His first wife, Maribel is left with no sign of neurological response, lingering in a comatose state on assisted life support for weeks following the accident. Finally accepting his wife’s condition and believing she would want to be set free, he requests her life support be removed. The neurology clinic refuses in their self-interest, insisting she can recover with the help of their ongoing clinical studies and trial drug and stimulus therapies. Denny sacrifices everything to end his wife’s suffering. He is convicted and serves time in prison, separating him from their young sons, Casey and Derek.

When Denny is released, he is allowed to return to the force and tries to bury his past behind him, although there are those who will not allow it. He tries to rebuild his family…and marries Joanie, also taking on her two children as his own. A family tormented by Denny’s past, and the raging pain he and youngest son, Derek, keep stifled, it will ultimately take a series of tragedies to bring it to the surface. Derek wants a father but wonders, after all the anger and miles of separation between them, if his father wants him as a son. To find each other, they both first must forgive. The boy, his father…The father, himself.

Absolution's Child

a novel by Anna Kavanaugh

Release Data

Title: Absolution's Child

ISBN 1-933621-07-9/ISBN13 978-1-933621-07-4

Author: Anna Kavanaugh

Published by: CallahanCroft Publishing

Latest Publication: 08-09 pp 365 Copyright Origin: USA

Circulation Region: United States and Canada

Bowker Status: Trade Paper In Retired - Trade Cloth Inactive Binding: Trade Cloth/Trade Paper


Additional Releases: Inclusive within The Anna Kavanaugh Collection - Boxed Set Collector Editions - The Six Novel Series (ISBN 1-933621-03-6/ISBN13 978-1-933621-03-6


Most recent issue: Second printing Sales information: This title has been retired with exception. Should additional printings of this work become available, they will be exclusively released within The Anna Kavanaugh Collection - Boxed Set Collector Editions - The Six Novel Series

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